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We are proud to announce our Chief Technology Officer.

Announcing drainpipe Chief Technology Officer

drainpipe is proud to announce our Chief Technology Officer Felipe Cariño.

Mr. Felipe Cariño graduated NYU with an MS in Computer Science in 1979, and Executive MBA USC 1995. Felipe went on to become Laboratory Head for Teradata from 1987 to 1991 where he founded and managed Teradata’s advanced R&D Intrapreneurial Laboratory including NCR and ATT/Bell Labs. In 1991 Felipe became Chief Architect of Teradata for multimedia databases. In 1992 the first ever 1 TB database was rolled out in production by Walmart, a client of Teradata. In 1997 a Teradata customer boasted a 24 Terabyte Database, at the time, the largest in the world. Mr. Cariño is widely considered one of the pioneers of multimedia, distributed databases and storage scalability with 15 Published conference papers and 2 IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers) book chapters on Technology. Mr. Cariño holds 8 patents in massively parallel multimedia databases. From 1998 to 2001 Felipe was Director of Strategic New Development at FileTek, and in 2004 became CTO of 4Medica where he led modernization and evolution of an electronic medical record (EMR) ASP for laboratory tests, orders and results. In 2007, Mr. Cariño then became Executive Director of Research and Development at MySpace. For over 30 years, Felipe has also contributed to private industry research in Stenography and Cyber-Security.

Mr. Carino has provided an initial status report of the technology as follows:

"This shall provide a terse reference to potential investors, customers and strategic partners concerning the current state of Deep dive and technology secret sauce can be provided under NDA. The keys to this exciting early stage opportunity are listed below.

• – has developed a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) system and model that is flexible and not beholden to any specific company, like Facebook, Google, and other major AI players.

• – two major innovations and uniqueness are (i) the innovative use of mathematical models not used before in AI modeling that enable scalability, performance, and accuracy – to provide highly accurate predictions and inferences; and (ii) ability to integrate heterogeneous and hierarchical models and data sets for accurate prediction.

• – current implementation was designed and coded for scalability. The current system is implementation and is not just a simple proof-of-concept in a single large code base, but a modular implementation using state-of-the-art available technologies. This system (details with NDA) uses similar algorithms and techniques that made Teradata the pioneer in scalable and very large systems.

I write this as someone who was in charge of innovation at Teradata, ran an innovation group at MySpace and worked at several early stage startups."