Integrated Artificial Intelligence is an operating system for artificial intelligence, a suite of integrated tools for managing mission critical realtime scenarios using predictive analysis on live streams, historical data, and integrated application data.

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Upload assets and connect integrations to collect Artifacts.

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What are Artifacts?

An Artifact is any event that happens on any one of your digital accounts, or devices, which you do not have identified or trained by an AI System.

Why do we need them?

By indentifying your data, visually labeling it, and training classifications, you can begin properly managing your digital rights.

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Central Intelligence Platform

With a central platform to manage your data lake, bring it to life with visual tools, and train your own artificial intelligence without code, or sophisticated jargon. Your data is protected through a patent pending process for information management which compresses as stores information specifically to be used in training our inference engine to potentially high fidelity.

Integration Marketplace

Enable and connect to new data sources with ease, and no technical experience needed.

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We are adding new integrations soon.
Class Studio

Now that you have this storage what can you do with it?

Collect Artifacts

Utilize the integration marketplace or drag and drop new data to start collecting your artifacts from all over the web.

Classify Artifacts

Evaluate data unknown to the system in a visual environment simple enough for everyday people, and tag new information.


If training meets your minimum fidelity requirements then the class is deployed in your inference engine.

the process of transforming and storing the information secures it. The data is and remains yours, always.

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