Where multimedia meets the digital twin.

In 2020 our team started building drainpipe.io, a distributed database capable of storing and featurizing any form of multimedia in the most efficient way possible. This research required looking at the problem similar to the math for streaming points into a video game renderer, and also required representing the data. We brought together the best of both worlds, in a math process we call GAVINĀ® short for General Artificially Vectorized Intelligence Normals. The discovery of this process has made drainpipe.io possible. It is efficient and provides all with creative equity.

With simple and intuitive visual tools, drainpipe.io makes it possible to store and manage vast amounts of data, understand relationships in novel ways, regulate your deployment of responsible AI with insights preserving ownership, and control generative content.

drainpipe.io provides all users:
  • Free access to share data and speed up intense procressing jobs
  • Advanced file compression, saving money on long-term storage
  • Your data, your devices, your privacy. Export cloud data anytime

Available for Mac, Linux, and Windows.
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Normalize data, knowledge, and multimedia
Bring log, event, brand, retail, system, and audience data together into one enterprise service bus.

Observability: devices, data, and decisions
Understand drivers of success where its happening
Gain insight into each available datapoint for anything happening across the unified operating plane to understand what is happening and why.

Virtual Data Room for Multimedia
Manage, label, annotate any multimedia in a private and secure virtual data room.
Auto-ML to detect content, collect analytics, enforce DMCA and AI Bill of Rights
Manage how your content influences AI
Utilize auto-ml to generate large sized foundational models which use advanced security to secure unique content, enforce access rights, and unify audience analytics across any platform, dsp, or website even if not reported to reported agencies. Automatically trigger DMCA take down requests through automated workflows when ill-gotten content is detected.

Cloud based multimedia processing
Add layers, images, branding, annotations, and programmatically generated media codes to video content in the cloud removing the burden of long video editing sessions and complex configurations for simple modifications to media content.

Inference beacons to simulate with multimedia

Utilize digital twins and immersive experiences in the cloud to generate predictive analytics that prepare an organization for unseen attack vectors.

Orchestrate data for the next generation

Peer beyond state of the art
drainpipe.io is powered by standard-setting innovations validated by Researchers, Engineers, and IT Professionals from:

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