Services monitoring for Healthcare and AI is a result of research validated by leading researchers in distributed computing who established the first systems for petabyte scale medical multimedia processing, including Information Technology specialists in Oncology and Radiology. Drainpipe is a United Nations, World Health Organization and International Telecommunications Union member and contributor of Artificial Intelligence for Radiology.

With simple and intuitive visual tools, makes it possible to store and manage vast amounts of data, understand relationships in novel ways, regulate your deployment of responsible AI with insights preserving privacy, and control AI models that uncover insights in data to help diagnose disease. provides all users:
  • Free access to share data and speed up intense procressing jobs
  • Advanced file compression, saving money on long-term storage
  • Your data, your devices, your privacy. Export cloud data anytime

Available for Mac, Linux, and Windows.
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Data normalization across any system or legacy vendor
medical facilities manage a lot of data across large servers between on premise and cloud be it imagery or petabytes of genetic samples; normalize it all on a single operating plane easy for a licensed practitioner to work with.

Medical grade precision by architecture
drainpipe was built with cutting edge technology that schedules execution directly on hardware with timing in mind for medical grade monitoring and precision on any network device, medical system, or operating system.

Observability, Monitoring and Reliable Availability
Licensed practitioners gain unparalleled observability into data while IT staff can understand whats happening and when in order to move, and actionalize petabytes of data across multiple systems, networks, or platforms. Stay informed when systems are underperforming with a system designed to be readily available with a medical grade SLA backed by international standards in telecommunications.
Stay HIPPA compliant with DrainPII
stay compliant with data privacy and protection laws by automatically draining personally identifiable information when necessary.

Advanced multimedia augmentation and analysis
compress medical multimedia by over 1000% and move it securely along data pipelines for analysis, reducing transfer and processing times from days and hours to mins and seconds.
Auto-ML for Radiology and Image Annotation
utilize the power of state of the art machine learning to build foundational medical models regulated by international standards to uncover novel views and findings which can save lives. Create annotations or load existing public peer reviewed datasets in compliance with privacy laws to better identify known medical anomalies.

Orchestrate data for the next generation

Peer beyond state of the art is powered by standard-setting innovations validated by Researchers, Engineers, and IT Professionals from:

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