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Technology a result of research validated by chief architect of the intrapreneurial laboratory between Teradata, Bell Labs, and NCR.

With simple and intuitive visual tools, makes it possible to store and manage vast amounts of data, understand relationships in novel ways, regulate your deployment of responsible AI with insights preserving ownership, and control generative content. provides all users:
  • Free access to share data and speed up intense procressing jobs
  • Advanced file compression, saving money on long-term storage
  • Your data, your devices, your privacy. Export cloud data anytime

Available for Mac, Linux, and Windows.
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Data Normalization
No more copying and pasting excel columns across sheets. Easily normalize data with an intuitive interface made for better understanding and mapping the relationships of data for professionals but simple enough for anyone up and down an organization of any size.

Observability and Monitoring
Gain insights from the most complex data
Visualize data and gain full insight into what is happening across all systems, streams, queues, and blockchains; enabling unparalleled monitoring and control needed to ensure legitimacy and compliance with applicable data and privacy laws. Establish classifications, annotate data, and create triggers that activate compliance steps or system maintenance allowing compliance and IT professionals to focus on what matters most.

Transaction tracking and analytics
intuitively track the chain of events across the lifestyle of all transactions, correlating important steps, and deriving novel analytics without haphazardly editing files in an uncontrolled environment. Understand the interchange and hand off of object messages and system transactions across the entire organization.

Performance insights and benchmarking
Understand how long things take and track performance
with enterprise tooling built for scale, understanding what is happening, and when; build historical benchmarks of application and microservice performance under all circumstances and loads, 24/7 backed by SLA.

Auto-ML for compliance and fraud detection
Using automatic machine learning will convert your historical data into foundational models which can be exported and used on any operating system evaluate system logs, transactions, and provide verification inferences to keep your organization compliant with KYC regulations, age verification, data & privacy laws.

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Easily connect data sources to enterprise service bus
Anyone across an organization; support specialists, IT Ops and DevOps specialists, IT Administrators, CTOs, CIOs, Compliance Officers, Shared services groups, Network Operations Center personnel, and Middleware teams can easily access data from where it lives with ease and enterprise reliability.

Orchestrate data for the next generation

Peer beyond state of the art is powered by standard-setting innovations validated by Researchers, Engineers, and IT Professionals from:

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Easily connect data sources to enterprise service bus

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